Sumotori Dreams

An engrossing 3D sumo fighting game for PCs and smartphones


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  • Category Combat
  • Program license Free
  • Version 1.02
  • Size 214.81 kB
  • Works under: Windows Vista
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Gravity Sensation

Step into the Hilarious World of Sumo

Sumotori Dreams invites players to step inside the ring and face off against seasoned sumo opponents. This is the battle of the bulge as you have never seen it before. Check out the review to see if Sumotori Dreams manages to apture the excitement of real life sumo wrestling.

This game takes the classic fighting concept and turns it on its head. While the focus of this type of game is usually on precision and dexterity, the robotic fighters that Sumotori Dreams presents do not need this. In fact, the robots are far from agile and even have trouble getting up if they get knocked over. This provides a touch of humour which is fortunately engaging rather than annoying and helps make the game a hit.

Players only have a small amount of control over their robot fighter and will spend as much time watching the action as actually playing. The robots move very unsteadily and cannot perform many moves. In fact, most of the action involves shoving the opponent rather than taking them down in a number of other ways.

Despite this, there is still a considerably amount of skill to the game. Because the robots are so unsteady on their feet, one push in the right place will send them sprawling on the ground. This means that you have to move rather carefully and the game is more about keeping your own robot upright that trying to defeat the other player. It is all too easy for the robot limbs to become tangled, which can lead to unfortunate spills and death spins that can be almost impossible to recover from.

As soon as you hit the mat, your opponent can pile in on top of you, which will ultimately end the match. Watching the robots writhe around on the floor and try to untangle themselves can be a lot of fun and gamers who are not too hands on are sure to be entertained as they sit back and watch the robots try to sort out this sorry situation.

The simplicity of the controls and the fact that there is not too much to remember makes the game very easy to get into. This helps to add to the addictive nature of Sumotori Dreams and you might well find that you are having a lot of fun and laughing out loud despite yourself.

The fact that there is no bloodshed or gruesome gore splattered throughout the game makes Sumotori Dreams a game that is suitable for players of all ages. While many fighting games focus on bringing on the gore and turning the screen bright red as quickly as possible, this game is all about good clean fun with plenty of humour thrown into the mix for good measure. Gamers can also play against their friends in the special multi-player mode, which helps add even more fun to the game. Once you start playing, it is hard to stop, which is surely the key component of any successful game.

Sumotori Dreams presents sumo in a whole new way and fans may be a bit disappointed at the rather dodgy graphics. However, the hilarious touches to the game make up for this and help it stand out from the crowd. This combined with creative environments and playability make the game rather addictive and fun.


  • The robot shoving matches are a lot of fun
  • The environments are very creative
  • Watching the action is as engaging as playing


  • The graphics are rather simple and blocky
  • The sense of humour can wear thin after a while
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